Thursday, 6 October 2011


hey guys..its me second entry for this month..oyeah...well, it has been a few days around..n i'm still waiting for my final paper..Retailing..hopefully i can do it..some say its gonna be tough..geez..y evrything have to be hard for me?? anyway, these few days hasn't been so bad...i guess..well i did spend some fun time wif ma frens..jogging..for the first time ever since i've got here..n swimming in the pool..since now i had mastered few ways of swimming..yeah, i can swim..thehehe") but sumthing has gone playing in my mind lately.  i keep thinking 'bout how people treat other from what they've done. this is juz my observation, nothing personal okay?

well, i've seen many kind of people in this world. different attitude, culture, skin, face n more. but one thing that is so similar is that..people always see n remembered well when somebody have done wrong. its like when we done something wrong, people would remember it. even for ages. they keep remind it for themselves. but when it comes to something good..people eventually forgot 'bout it. no matter how great things they've done, they juz seems to ignored it. even if they did remember, well..juz for a i said before, lepas berak trus lupa..huh =,=

why is this happening? y does negetive thought is playing in our mind? lets think a little shall we..u see, when we always see, remembered every negetive things people do..hated will be bind in our heart. n when that happens, revenge is playing in our mind. we wanted to pay back what bad things do to us..but, did u ever see what is goods of others have done to us? did u ever remember what's ur frens n family done for u? well..i've seen it..i've done it...

i've seen many things people done to me..i've been worse u could tell..bad things..can i do the same thing? yeah, i could do lots more worse u could ever think of...but when i think 'bout the goodness other do to can i ever repay that? it may not be good enough, but still..i felt guilty..saying bad things at ur back..did i ever done good enough to them? how bout u? did u ever think bout that?

well..haha, i dont hnow what's been into me this late nite..sori if this entry makes u feel uneasy or angry..this sumthing juz to remind me of appreciate the goodness that i have..n so do u..

p/s: syezly, juz my thought..dont take it personal okay?? smile") thehehe")


schumie said...

ohh yeah(pimjam ayat ika)..=tanda stuju...bwahahah

NiCEly-RuDE") said...

how do u think?? agak deep kan?? hehehe")