Sunday, 26 June 2011


huk! kejut!
oh my~
today is really weird.
5 of my claazmate got sick in juz one day.
i dunno if this disease is kinda of a virus or not.
but it all started when my claz rap(monitor) got sick.
Mus,the claz rap for group F.he got sick since 2 weeks ago.
we thought he got a normal fever.
but he havent attend the claz for a while then.
then one day he came,but he looks terrible.
he looks so people havent eaten for days.
he only came for the morning claz.then he went back to his room.
at the same time,my other fren,Hakim(abg ngah) were also sick.
he also looks unwell.

another day,Mus still havent come to claz.
but Hakim got i took him to clinic n he was off one day.
after the weekend.he came back well.luckly he manage to overcome his illness.
thnx goodness.

but today.sumthing weird happening.
like i said,5 people got sick.
first it was Atiey(adik).she got stomach got worst n make her cried.
she said it happened since lastnite.i ask her go see a doc.
but she refused.
after a few hours,my other fren ask for MC.he said dat he doesnt feel so well.
n his face was pale.
then at afternoon,both gurlz got head a migraine.
n at the evening.another boy was having hard head ache n his body feels unwell too.
so he went to the clinic also.he missed one claz for today.but luckly dat claz was cancelled.

so moral of da story is.
this thing creeps me out.
i dont wanna get any weird disease.
especially at this kind of moment.
so for u guys.stay healthy,n play safe.
n stay away from drugs.
rokok xpe,heheh")

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

its all about MONEY MONEY MONEY~ nk mrapu ni.
mrapu?? eeeuu..what the farouk???
asal aq gne ayt si polan tu eak..bleehh!
ok la,aq nk berkomplen-ment.

aq bkn nk komplen pe sngt.
juz that since aq amik course ni kan,use really bunch of money.
banyak bnda aq nk kne beli.
antara brang2 yg aq kne beli adalah spt berikut:
  • uniform&tools=rm464
  • books=rm250(one subject)
  • other books=rm139
  • total=rm853(theres more from that came from)
aq dh apply ptptn.but unfortunately aq kne tggu sbulan lagi.
mean that next mont my application will be published.
tp yg tu bru kuar reult aq lulus ke x ptptn.
klu x,kne apply skali ag...
tggu la plak brbualn ag...
cam sial je vavi...

korg taw bku ni stu brape??
haha.murah jer..
amik kau..bru stu ni..
bnyk lagi bku kne beli.
whayallo,manyak gune ini duet loo..

tp mujo bku ni best.
ada mcam2 ingredients.
ways of cook.
very gud book la.
worhtwhile i say.
its show everything.
even a PORK!!!
emm yummy.haha.joke.

so starts from today,i'm gonna use my money wisely.
starts saving now.while waiting for stupid ptptn.
surely i'll be skinny.hahah

see ya~

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


i see you~

hey ho..
long time no bloged
anyway,guess where am i rite now??
i'm now officially UiTM DUNGUN student for DIPLOMA IN CULINARY ARTS.
alhamdulillah,i finally manage to come here.i've achive my goal be a university student a.k.a campus kid.hehehe.actually,i'm already here for almost 2weeks.since that its really the most busy-est week ever,i'm soo f **king tired.but luckly for the first week i'm juz having an aspiration week only.well,i'm a newbies soo u know la kan.actually i dont wanna talk about that boring week.

okay,lets talk bout sumthing that really i'm wanna talk about.hehehe.errrmmm..lets make this easy ea..
  • i'm now taking CULINARY ARTS(HM115)
  • my classmate is crazy but fun
  • my honey also same classes wif me(juz great..huh....)
  • my classes r all over the campus n hard to find n also very far from my dorm(argh!!)
  • the food is awful,except for REDANG
  • very expensive,everything,including instant noodles.
  • i like learn FRANCE
  • most of it all,i hate everything~

Saturday, 4 June 2011



P/S:tggu aq beli notebook aq sendri aq...choi!!!