Sunday, 16 October 2011


"I was gonna give up, but you gave me hopes"

haha, u probably wondering what's this all about rite. well its nothing much actually. sumthing to show how happy am i. hahaha.
ok here goes. i've been waiting for u for almost 2 years n 9 months already. yes, i do like u. no, I LOVE YOU. i wish i had that guts to say that to you. but i'm afraid. i'm to afraid to loose u. u r my bestest fren ever. so i juz keep it inside my heart. i could never tell u the truth. for the sake of our frenship. yeah. when the time i knew u had somebdy else, only god knows how painfull it is. but i said to myself, ur happiness is my happiness. i dont mind. all i ever wanted is u to be hppy in ur life. eventhougth u're wif somebdy else, wanna u to know that i'm always be there for when ever u wanted me. u can throw all ur despair n sadness to me. i'm willing to hear, i'm willing to feel it to. now i've been away from u. i have to moving on wif my studies. i tried to forget u. n i did. yeah. i did forget u. since i've been here, ur were never in my thoughts. i thought it last, but i was wrong. one day it came up to me. ur face, ur laugh, ur smile. it all came back to me. n makes me cry. i cried a lot that nite. i couldnt bare to forget u. as u were always in my heart. damn! whats wrong wif me?? why would i ever cried over u? simple..coz i luv u to much. i never luv someone like that before. but after all i've been through, i can only keep it inside. n when i was about to give in, u said sumthing that brings me up again. eventhough it may not be at this moment, but someday....someday we could be together. n i'll be waiting, till the end.

u're perfect women for me, but i cant nver be a perfect guy for u")

p/s:thnx my bestie,Atin for helping me out. luv u to babe")

Saturday, 8 October 2011


dimanakah harus ku cari makan pada waktu 6.30 ini??
 ·  · September 29 at 6:59am
 ·  · September 29 at 2:52pm
things get tough n weirdoooo...
 ·  · October 4 at 6:16am
wahai insan bernama Dollah, cepat lah balik bilik bawak makanan dh kebulooo niiii!!!
 ·  · October 4 at 10:49pm
my hamster da tdo?? woi bgun laa!!!
 ·  · Thursday at 2:14am
my lunch is my breakfast")
 ·  · Thursday at 11:13am
salah kite org akn ingt smpai baek kite org ingt kjp jer...lepas b*rak dorg lupe dh la...hmmm..mnusia2~
 ·  · Friday at 3:34am
seekor burung n anak kucing kesejukan mnumpang tdo dlm blik aq..huh! byr r sewa!!!
 ·  · Yesterday at 12:24am
morning!! lets have a little jog shall we??
 ·  · Yesterday at 6:34am
huh! smangat aq bgun pg g jogging..smate2 nk beli rkok..last2 kdai cuti ari ni..argh!!!
 ·  · 21 hours ago

Ewan Sainai
selamat hari besday El Segador") wish u the best ma fren")
 ·  · 4 hours ago
geezzz..getting weirdoss ea? k fine..daa~
 ·  · 4 hours ago
i juz want the best for u okay..=.=
 ·  · 3 hours ago
is there anybody gonna miss me if i were far away? hahaha..silly question")
 ·  · 22 minutes ago

Thursday, 6 October 2011


hey guys..its me second entry for this month..oyeah...well, it has been a few days around..n i'm still waiting for my final paper..Retailing..hopefully i can do it..some say its gonna be tough..geez..y evrything have to be hard for me?? anyway, these few days hasn't been so bad...i guess..well i did spend some fun time wif ma frens..jogging..for the first time ever since i've got here..n swimming in the pool..since now i had mastered few ways of swimming..yeah, i can swim..thehehe") but sumthing has gone playing in my mind lately.  i keep thinking 'bout how people treat other from what they've done. this is juz my observation, nothing personal okay?

well, i've seen many kind of people in this world. different attitude, culture, skin, face n more. but one thing that is so similar is that..people always see n remembered well when somebody have done wrong. its like when we done something wrong, people would remember it. even for ages. they keep remind it for themselves. but when it comes to something good..people eventually forgot 'bout it. no matter how great things they've done, they juz seems to ignored it. even if they did remember, well..juz for a i said before, lepas berak trus lupa..huh =,=

why is this happening? y does negetive thought is playing in our mind? lets think a little shall we..u see, when we always see, remembered every negetive things people do..hated will be bind in our heart. n when that happens, revenge is playing in our mind. we wanted to pay back what bad things do to us..but, did u ever see what is goods of others have done to us? did u ever remember what's ur frens n family done for u? well..i've seen it..i've done it...

i've seen many things people done to me..i've been worse u could tell..bad things..can i do the same thing? yeah, i could do lots more worse u could ever think of...but when i think 'bout the goodness other do to can i ever repay that? it may not be good enough, but still..i felt guilty..saying bad things at ur back..did i ever done good enough to them? how bout u? did u ever think bout that?

well..haha, i dont hnow what's been into me this late nite..sori if this entry makes u feel uneasy or angry..this sumthing juz to remind me of appreciate the goodness that i have..n so do u..

p/s: syezly, juz my thought..dont take it personal okay?? smile") thehehe")

Monday, 3 October 2011


~see ya~
hai guys..long time no update seh..honestly, it has been really tough months. facing my studies, probs wif human of uitm..lucky i can still survive this s**t..i finally got my own lappy n my own broadband..easy for me to surf n to blogging things. so now i dont have to borrow from sumbdy else. i can do my work its already October..n theres only one week left before my final pper..yeah,i'm in the final examintion rite now, n i only got  one left to sttle..then i'll be off. end of part one..time really gone fast hasn't it? in the blink of an eyes, suddenly i realize its almost over. even for 4 months in campus really has gone worse enough. well, not really worse ever in my life. but i manage to end up wif many things. sure there's also sweets n bitter rite? everything seems normal to me. nothing ever exicited me at all. feeling like in da skool also, the differernt is the way that we studies, live, place n food.hahaha.damn! seriously, the food here is the worse ever u can get. its bad, the price is way up high..n i rather eat Rotti Impit der..but what can i do..its juz my luck. well,better stay still coz i got 5 more part before i get my Diploma. n thats gonna be more worse than this i'm sure. come on,this all juz the beginning. talking about parts, next sem i maybe gonna stay in a rental house. damn! y we the juniors have to stay outside. come on! we're only stat to know this s**t things, now u gonna throw us out? geezz...i though we, the MDAB student gets full college(hostel). this MDAB things says that we r special. they say gonna give us mny facilities. hell yeah! we dont even have our own cafeteria. n we have to go sumone else college,juz to feed our stomach. if the college is near i dont mind..but it takes minutes to reach there. this college is soo forestry. this college is located deepest in uitm. can u imagine, i walk from here to my class,takes half a hour. great huh? hell yeah! the only good things that we,the MDAB student ever gets is money. no doubt bout it, n y? coz its all goverment things. hahha,the best part is, the a question about how great is our prime minister in my english final paper. n the answer n given shows him sooo amazing. come on,in my kitchen,the fruits is bweehh!(ape kene mengena??). well anyway, i juz have to be thankful. cant say anything else. juz shut ur mouth n deal wif it. geezz, am i talking bout politics rite now?? OMG! enough lame. people where are not like as we expect it. but the one we knows is there gonna be many many many kinds of behaviour. its a normal things when staying in this kind of place. not al people r the same rite. so its up to us to know how to deal wif them. different people different ways of treating. some r funny.sporting..n some r juz to for me..i do meet some people that really make me feel really alive here..ever since i when to my Pra-Diploma, i never meet people like my DCA group. they r really something.hahaha. n some of them doesnt quite much to say. but there is some that makes me feel like i'm here.hahah.thnx to my fren AmirahAmirul, Uyun n Imtiaz. u guys really makes me alive here. better than my roomates. eventhough i havent done much to u guys but, juz wanna thnx for evrything. n also others who related.hahaha") 

ermm i guess this is long enough. if u read till here u really r good reader.hahaha") never expect anyone could read all this junk. thnx for reading. see ya")

p/s:got anything to say, dont hesitate to leave comments..")