Sunday, 16 October 2011


"I was gonna give up, but you gave me hopes"

haha, u probably wondering what's this all about rite. well its nothing much actually. sumthing to show how happy am i. hahaha.
ok here goes. i've been waiting for u for almost 2 years n 9 months already. yes, i do like u. no, I LOVE YOU. i wish i had that guts to say that to you. but i'm afraid. i'm to afraid to loose u. u r my bestest fren ever. so i juz keep it inside my heart. i could never tell u the truth. for the sake of our frenship. yeah. when the time i knew u had somebdy else, only god knows how painfull it is. but i said to myself, ur happiness is my happiness. i dont mind. all i ever wanted is u to be hppy in ur life. eventhougth u're wif somebdy else, wanna u to know that i'm always be there for when ever u wanted me. u can throw all ur despair n sadness to me. i'm willing to hear, i'm willing to feel it to. now i've been away from u. i have to moving on wif my studies. i tried to forget u. n i did. yeah. i did forget u. since i've been here, ur were never in my thoughts. i thought it last, but i was wrong. one day it came up to me. ur face, ur laugh, ur smile. it all came back to me. n makes me cry. i cried a lot that nite. i couldnt bare to forget u. as u were always in my heart. damn! whats wrong wif me?? why would i ever cried over u? simple..coz i luv u to much. i never luv someone like that before. but after all i've been through, i can only keep it inside. n when i was about to give in, u said sumthing that brings me up again. eventhough it may not be at this moment, but someday....someday we could be together. n i'll be waiting, till the end.

u're perfect women for me, but i cant nver be a perfect guy for u")

p/s:thnx my bestie,Atin for helping me out. luv u to babe")