Wednesday, 16 November 2011


two days later..

i slept in my sister's room..
since there only me,me bro n wife n kids..

that nite..i start sleeping at 12midnite i guess..
then i suddenly woke up..coz i heard someone knocking outside my house. at first i thought sumone is doin kerja kayu or i juz let it be..but its knocking gets louder. i was a little bit piss off. but when i look at the time, its already 3 or 4 in ther morning( as i can remember). so then i was gettin little bit scared. the weird thing is,if sumone does doin kerja kayu, y theres only the of a hammer..n it sound the same evry time its knocked. n sure does, why would someone doin that kind of work at time like that rite? 

then i remember my mom. it happend to her to..few weeks ago before we went to KL. she said, theres one nite when she sleep in that room, she heard someone's knocking. my mom kinda a crazy brave women. so she get off her bed n check it out what was it. well, theres nothing, n at the time my mom was about to check it out, the sound juz stop. suddenly. it happend to her 3 days in a route. but, only when she was sleeping in that room. she did said it was loud to. but only she did heard it. at that time i was in my own room. theres only 3 rooms in my house, the front, the middle, the back, juz before the kitchen. but the sound couldd be heard in the middle room, eventhough the sound was coming from the kitchen. how could that be?

it also happend to my neighbour to. she said she heard it to. she try to check who was it. but juz like my mom, it juz stop when we gonna check it out. now it happend to me. but last nite it didnt coz i didnt sleep. i sleep at 6 am..i was i stayed up till morning. 

well, for tonite..i try to sleep again in that room. try to make sure what was i heard before.
so pray for my safety okay")

see ya tomorrow=='