Tuesday, 10 May 2011


hai again..syezly..laying around doin nothing makes me crazy.urgh!! since i've ended my Pra-Dip at Kolej Ketengah,i'm now hangout at my house doin nothing for almost 3weeks.well,i've  been hangout at cyber cafe.almost everyday.duh! how long do i've to do that??? its a waste of money.yeah..i know..but..well..u know what i mean.anyway,i have to find some money in da bank almost went out.its decreasing if u want technically,haha.about my Pra-Dip.i've done the final exam,so the results should be out a week after the exam.but now,it has been almost 3weeks n no news bout it.btw,congrats to all my frenz who manage to continues their studies.some went to UiTM,n some went to Matriks,Form6,n also KUIS!wow!haha.n as for me,well..still waiting.i'm waiting for UiTM result,hopefully i'll pass,n i'll be off to Penang!!hahah.but what if i dont??NOO!!cannot be...i'll be dead if i dont pass.haha.  

another prob is that my bro kinda doesnt agree wif what course i'll be taking in.i plan to take Cook.well,i'm not really a good cooker.but i'm more to pastri i like baking.yeah.anyway,bout my bro.since he doesnt agree wif this kind of courses,he wanted me to take engineering.well,more to welding,that what he said.he said that way can make money easier.yeah i do since the economies kinda having prob wif..u know what la kan..hehe..but what bout what i want?? i wanted to be a great cooker.well lett say that i'm a succesfull engineer,but does that my life happy? i'm a rich guy,but doin same thing evryday,i guess it wont make me happy.sure my gf would be hppy cz i'm a rich guy but watta bout me.i dont know.can smebdy help me wif this???!!

                                           To Be or Not To Be
so how? what should i do next??should agree wif my bro?? or go on wif my way.urgh!! i'm goin crazeee~

hah! i know,how bout taking 9hours of rest.that should do it.hahaha.gtg daaaa....